Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NASCAR Made My Marriage Stronger

NASCAR has made my marriage stronger...
There's a statement that millions of rednecks wish their wives would say... but in our case it is true.

My Cowboy Loves Sports.  He knows all the players names, stats, and can spot an athlete in an airport 5 gates away.

I Enjoy Sports- I know most of the rules to football, baseball, basketball and like to watch them.
But never could get into it like Cowboy.  I never see myself having a fantasy football team.

NASCAR changed the sport demographic in our house.  A few years ago we stated working with a NASCAR team.  Up until then we were what I call casual fans. We would sometimes watch the race on Sunday's.  And I knew who Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr.  Let's face it- growing up in South Dakota the closest race track is Kansas City-573 miles away. There's just not a lot of talk about the Sprint Cup up north here.

Working with Furniture Row Racing opened our eyes to world of motor sports- mostly mine.   Finally I could talk intelligently about a driver, car, sponsor, etc with Cowboy. The piece of our relationship that had been missing, sports conversation! Who knew, that was one thing all these years that could add a little spice to our relationship.

Me & My Cowboy at the 2012 Daytona 500
So, we sat yesterday watching the Daytona 500 all a buzz about drivers, who's working with who and wondering when Danica would take out the front runners.

When Cowboy comes in for lunch today I'm sure we will have some recap of the big events and what we've heard.

Yep I'm proud to say I'm a NASCAR fan!