Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Last Sunday in church I was glancing at the bulletin at the upcoming birthdays for the week and I noticed in the anniversary section My Cowboy and I’s name was listed.  Wow, that time already?  Marking another year together happily married.  Sure sneaks up on a person. Glad I went to church on Sunday or we might have got to the end of July and said ‘didn’t we have something else to celebrate this month besides the huge 4th of July extravaganza?’
I asked My Cowboy this week why he feel in love with me.  I was quickly reminded that I didn't marry a romantic, but on his third attempt he did manage to come up with something pretty good, at least it made me smile and not cringe. The “there was just something about you” made my knees go weak and that was good enough for me. He added that he liked my laugh and so I will hold on to that for a while.
I knew My Cowboy was for me when he didn’t take my crap. I remember one time just ranting about something (I’m sure it was very important at the time) As I started to really yell he just looked at me and said ‘when your done throwing a fit, come talk to me.’  and walked out of the room. No guy had ever done that to me before.  Instead of getting more mad, I stopped and thought wow. I was hooked. 
So 14 years, three kids and tons laughter and tears later. Here we are...
We’re out on the road this week and so we went out to eat at one of my favorite places PF Chang’s.  I love using chopsticks to eat with!  Unlike last year we had beer and pizza at the local bar...but at least I got to go out. Have you ever seen those old couples in a restaurant eating and not saying a word. One of my biggest fears is that could be us.  So I always save stuff to talk about while we are eating.  Well last night at our special anniversary supper my fear was met! My Cowboy watched the All Star Game and I texted my boss. Happy times!  As we were getting up to leave My Cowboy reminded me that we have been traveling together for two days now so it’s ok we didn’t talk much...I’m going to hold on to that, but I will be watching closely next time we go out to eat. 
Happy Anniversary My Cowboy. I love you more now then ever. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Makings of a Small Town July 4th Parade

There is something to be said about a small town 4th of July Parade. Yesterday our little town pulled out all the stops and had one great parade.

Candy & lots of it.  Every float has candy or gifts they hand out.  Trisha the pharmacist who runs the drug store said they sold a ton of tootsie rolls. This is reflected by the amount of candy we have in our candy stash is 85% tootsie Rolls.  I'm going to request next year she only provides mini candy bars for parade fare.  I like mini candy bars: Frozen mini candy bars...

Tractors, tractors and then some more tractors.  We had a nice representation of all colors.  I respect the work people do to restore tractors.  I told My Cowboy we should think about doing that for a retirement hobby.  He didn't respond...I'm sure he is still thinking about all the possibilities.

One of my favorites, two newer large implements that spray, one of each major color was featured.  The 'Green' one even did a demonstration over the crowd extending the wings a little bit.  Funny how a group of people involved in agriculture get excited over that! Just wish it was misting water over us... Another idea for next year.

Creative Floats- I love this float.  Every year this family does an amazing job of creating a fun float.  Last year they did my favorite- Star Wars. Epic totally epic...

If our parade gave prizes I would have voted for this one for BEST FLOAT! This float had a turning birthday cake. Pulled by all things a tractor... (fits two categories)

Last night at the family picnic no one could remember what words the float had on it or who drove it.  But all thought it was cool!  Wow, that is hard to pull off in a small town.  Congratulations!

There were horses...little and big and a covered wagon.  Very western.

                         The Minnesota Vikings car- it got broke out for the parade.  What a treat.

The Schwan's truck and ambulance. Both are really important vehicles in a small community.  We couldn't live without either of them. Both drivers are highly trained to take care of people. Yes, as far as I'm concerned delivering ice cream is in the life saving category.

Some just come back to relive the glory days.  This couple was Homecoming King & Queen in 1974 and wanted to ride together in the back of a car in a parade once again.  I asked My Cowboy if he planned on doing this with Kelly, the homecoming Queen from his class on their 38 year reunion.  He said only if the car they rode in was still around...Keep that in mind Jim Wagner.

The Pool lifeguards also have a float, or the back of a pickup, in small towns.  For the most part they appropriately sprinkle water on the crowd. People think it is fun, my kids always hide (they are sacred of water, you know since they are so sweet they might melt).  Notice Zach here starring at me- ya shortly after this picture was taken, I got a direct hit. I didn't melt...

Consuming Alcohol is also popular during the parade. The traditional Hadrick parade location is across from the bar in town. This has been the location since we've been dating.  I think it was originally picked for the potential shade area, so it has two perks. We have been known to participate in a morning bloody mary from the establishment before the parade event.

Family, is probably the best part of the celebration.  We gathered up the cousins that were there and took endless pictures to try to get them smiling and all looking in the same direction at one time. Close enough. (note shade tree in the back).

Hope you've enjoyed the 4th of July parade in my small town. My Cowboy and I would welcome you to help us celebrate, we have plenty of room to watch the parade and give full play by play of all the action for you.