Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Miss R

Today my baby turns 6.  It's with great pride that I say Happy Birthday to my beautiful spunky little girl.
Here's what I hope for you in the next 6 years to come and more beyond that:
1. Laugh- you see funny in everything and I never want that to stop
2. Keep your style. If you notice in this picture she has on her pink sparkle boots- there's always room for sparkle according to Miss R.
3. Sing- Although it drives us all crazy at times we love your songs and I always want to hear that voice.

One more thing to record for prosperity... Yesterday Miss R had a few friends out to the house for her birthday party.  Cowboy is required to help with these functions to help me pull off my crazy birthday party's (since the epic Miss O party of '11).  Cowboy didn't grow up with sisters so he really has no idea what he is getting into having two girls, but more and more layers unfold all the time.  At the point yesterday when all 6 of the girls at my house started into a Pep Cheer they had learned at cheer camp, I looked over at Cowboy to watch his face.  The girls all in unison where standing in the living room doing their cheer. His look was of amazement and concern and it just made me laugh! --Cowboy this is just a glimpse of what the high school years will be!  Everyone Wish Him Luck.