Monday, April 9, 2012

The Great Easter Dress

In my quest to be mom of the year, I created the 'dress of her dreams' for Miss R's Easter outfit.  The truth be known the reason I had to go to this effort was because Easter sneaked up on me.  I had started early enough, we went to the 'big' town 6 weeks ago and found a dress for Miss O, but just could never find anything for Miss R.

By the time I got around to ordering one for Miss R I still couldn't find anything online that I was excited about and I wasn't sure it would be shipped in time.  Remember I live in rural South Dakota and sometimes the pony express is slow. So last week I made a quick trip to the 'big' town to find a dress. I came home with this little perfect cotton candy pink tutu style dress. I thought she would love it.  Instead her comment was "this dress is (picture thumbs down and tongue stuck out), plain" UGH.

So, the next morning we headed to one of our favorite places in town the Quilt shop to get some enhancements for this plain dress.  Here is what we came up with: Pearl buttons, Pink buttons with little sparkles in the middle, a yard of pink roses and some thread to sew it all on.

For the next few days I worked on the plain dress and it came together really well. This was the smile we saw on her face yesterday morning.  Yes, a few buttons fell off, but overall it looked so good and she was thrilled. Another happy customer...


  1. Cute, Stacy! I knew you could do it. HOw is the wool coming?