Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello Routine, My Old Friend...

This marks my first day of having routine back in my life for fall 2012.  I said goodbye to routine in late April and sure have missed her.  Summer always forces routine out of the house- there is just no room for her with the kids home.  I look back on the craziness of summer and I sure enjoyed it but because routine was absent, I felt like I was missing something. 

So, here I sit today on a Monday hanging out with routine again.  So far we've got through almost my whole to do list and a little more.  In fact I've done so well with routine this morning that I had time to do this blog post!

So the trade off of welcoming routine back into my life means that all three Hadrick children are in school this year.  Yep my baby is in Kindergarden!  

There she sits at her little kindergarden table, the last Hadrick kid to join the school ranks. Now, I have to share that this mom didn't get emotional this year as I got her settled at her spot. I'm not sure why there was no tears on my part, but more of a feeling of relief and excitement for her.  My cute little Kindergartner didn't really show emotion either. Not excited or sad, just accepting of her fate as full time school participant. 

Now, after her first 3 days, the verdict is still out about her new adventure. Her teacher indicated that she was the only child that didn't raise her hand when she asked at the end of the first day when she asked the students if they had fun.  When I asked Miss R why she didn't raise her hand. She said we had to raise our hand all day long I was just too tired to raise it again.

I believe Kindergarden will grow on her...because one things for sure, I really like routine hanging out with me and I'm not giving her up! 

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