Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sunshine In A Box

Two times a year a box of sunshine arrives at my house.  It is something that I wait for with great anticipation and open it right away.

For our 10 year wedding anniversary I talked my cowboy into going wine tasting in Sonoma.  It was an amazing trip- we had never done anything like it before and since then we have developed some great friends in California that we try to get back and visit as much as possible. On our second trip to Sonoma we were introduced to Williamson Wines by our great friends the Sweets. We had so much fun at their tasting room that we joined their wine club. So, now 2 times a year they ship me wine! aaahhh.

Now, my shipment only comes two times a year because I live in an 'extreme' climate according to Williamson Wines. I realize that South Dakota can be deemed extreme because it does get really cold in the winter and we can get many feet of snow, plus we can get over 100 degrees in the summer- But so does California.  But in wine terms I guess we are too extreme here and I am limited to 2 shipments a year.

 Now for some of you a wine drinking cowboy may not be the image you had.  Don't get me wrong, My cowboy certainly enjoys a bottle of beer but given the opportunity he really enjoys drinking a good bottle of wine- and every once in a while dumping wine on the ground too- but that story is for a different post.

I'm currently planning the perfect meal, I'm thinking steak tips, to enjoy one of these bottles with and I might just share it with my Cowboy....


  1. Steak tips sure sounds a lot better than frogs. What's up with that?

  2. Sounds Yum, and my farmer loves Port wine. We have to keep our big he-man secrets sometimes. ;-) Welcome to the blog world!