Monday, November 14, 2011

Learning Life Lessons from Morgan the Show Heifer

This was our son's first year in 4-H and he enjoyed showing his first large animal.  I was so proud of how he took the responsibility of caring for an animal very seriously.  All summer long he would ride his bike over to his grandparents house where Morgan, the show heifer was housed in the barn and corrals.  Many times a day he would check on her, make sure she had enough water, food and was comfortable.  There were several life lessons that T learned this summer, but probably the most important one was Morgan set the bar on how a woman prefer to be treated. Here are the top 4 things he learned about this topic.
#1. Be patient & calm.  Women don't like to be pushed and Morgan certainly preferred a quiet calm voice and if you lose your temper she certainly would snub him until he apologized.
#2. Women like to be pampered.  Every morning Morgan would insist on T giving her a bath before she would do anything else. She loved to be scrubbed from head to toe. She then would prefer to be dried off with the blower while she ate her breakfast. Which leads me to #3. Take a lady out for a good meal. Every morning he would bring her the special bucket of feed that he carefully measured to make sure she had just the right amount. He learned quickly that it is important to feed her on time.
#4 Women need a lot of products to make their hair & nails look nice.  Morgan has special brushes and many different sprays and foams to make her hair have more body, stay combed forward and shine.  She also needed spray paint to make her hooves be shinny black.  This is a must before going into the show ring.
This is the outline her hooves left on the ground
after we touched them up with paint

After months of living the show animal lifestyle, we turned Morgan out to pasture with the other cows and bred heifers.  I'm sure she has had an adjustment going back to be a regular cow, but we know that she is doing well.  The pasture she is in is right outside our kitchen window and I glance out every now and then to see if I can find her and I smile.  Thanks Morgan!

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  1. I'm anxious to see if our Littles decided to show!

    So fun!! :)