Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nothing Says Happy Valentines Like a Semi Truck & Trailer

Valentines Day is not a big holiday in the Hadrick house. I'm really not crazy about flowers and certainly I knew that before we got married My Cowboy does not have a knack for giving gifts. But for what ever reason this year Teigen came to me in January (maybe because he saw the Holiday Stress train was still on the track) and said he wanted to make a semi truck and trailer for his valentines day box for school this year. And he kept hounding me- he had this vision in his head and he wanted it done. So 2 weeks ago, after many try's to redirect him I gave in and started thinking about how to build this.  Luckily we have not thrown out the Christmas boxes yet (See blog about Holiday Stress) so we had plenty of things to choose from. The last 3 days have been crazy with box decorating but I'm thrilled to say we delivered a semi with trailer in tack this morning to his classroom! It certainly will get the award for the largest box (Sorry Mrs H).  Although we had to compromise on the tarp feature- he wanted it to roll up just like a real grain trailer after he lost that battle he didn't even bring up the dumping action.

So I have to ask myself is this the beginning of raising the next Hadrick man who thinks romance is a Semi Truck & Trailer? Sadly I may have to admit defeat there and accept I can only do so much.  He will know how to do his own laundry and cook to survive but romance may be the one thing I won't get through to him.

Thank goodness that Miss O was up for my suggestion and she did the ever popular alligator with large teeth and in order to put the valentines in you have to reach into the mouth.  She loved it!

Miss R went the traditional preschool route and we completed the butterfly box in 15 minutes last night. I needed that since we didnt' start until 6:30 last night with that. If you look really close its 'antlers' as she called them are crossed.  She says that he'll be able to fly faster that way.

So, I'm feeling pretty good today. I've acquired some Mom of The Year stars on my chart- the race is still early and I'm sure I will fall behind.  But for today I'm still in the running!

Happy Valentines Day.