Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Favorite Animal

Last week Miss O had her school open house. The kids showed off their work and skills they had accumulated so far this year. One of the things the kids did was to draw a picture of their favorite pet and write something about what it does. In the Hadrick house we don't have pets. I'm an anti pet mom- let's face it I can bearly handle 3 kids let alone throwing an animal into the mix. My Cowboy and I agree and we're fine without a pet. But it's times like this that I feel for my kids because everyone else has a pet to talk about. But I was proud of Miss O she did what any good young cowgirl would do and drew this picture of "Baldy" her bucket calf and wrote a darn good supporting sentence with her picture.

She added important details like his white head - note that's why his name is 'baldy' since he has a white head and his white belly. She loved taking care of baldy last spring and summer. Every day she helped feed him and take care of his water needs. She felt an amazing sense of pride with this animal and I think it's really great how she loves to work on our farm and take care of animals.

I'm not sure if you know it or not but the Department of Labor has proposed rules regarding Child Labor laws that would restrict children under the age of 16 from working on a farm and ranch. The things that children will not be able to do is shocking for example kids will not be able to work with animals over 6 months of age- which would include 4-H show animals. They also could not build fence or operate any type of equipment from tractors to power tools.  I think how this will effect my family and our community. Our kids have pride working with us on the farm I don't want it to be illegal for me to have them help work cattle or harvest crops.  This will also effect our community- what are the kids who live in town and come out to spend summers working on ranches in our area going to do? So my call to action: Let the people in Washington DC know how this will effect you. I know I know - who contacts their should. I want Miss O to be able to tell people her favorite animal is a cow because she is able to go out and work with them everyday.

For those of you still upset that we don't have a pet. Don't tell the kids but we're considering a dog more and know something that we can hunt with.

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