Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Movie Review-Tradition #2

One of the things our family loves to do the most to mark the Christmas season is to watch our favorite movies. We have a handful of must see's, but as the kids get older the movie selection continues to broaden.  This year we have added National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation to our family movie must see.  For the first time as a family we sat and watched the ABC Family version so it was language appropriate. There is nothing like watching your kids see something new for the first time. I found more joy in watching our son laugh at all the good parts then watching them myself. We have been reliving the scenes for a week now-and we still are laughing. The kids demanded I blog about their favorite parts:

Master T's favorite line:
When Clark asks Aunt Bethany to say grace. (using the voice & all)
Uncle Lewis: "He wants you to say grace"
Aunt Bethany: "Grace died 30 years ago"
Uncle Lewis: "no, the blessing"

He will just randomly say these lines, and every time it just makes him giggle.

On a side note- this is even funnier for My Cowboy & I, when he was 5 we asked him to say the prayer one night before supper and out of the blue (because he had not seen the movie) he started saying the Pledge of Allegiance. I was laughing so hard I could not even talk.

Miss O spent most of the movie having us explain it to her.  She kept saying I don't understand why he (Clark) is being so stupid. (she is the logical one of the family).  Once she got into the silliness of the movie she couldn't stop watching.

Her favorite part (well actually 2):
1. When cousin Eddie brings the gift that Aunt Bethany brought to Clark & Ellen. Ellen touches the green stuff leaking and cousin Eddie licks it off her finger. "Mmm Lime"

2. Her other part is when cousin Eddie points out to Clark that he can't swim right after Clark tells the group he is getting the swimming pool.  She can't tell me why she thinks it's funny but for what ever reason it makes her laugh.

Finally, Miss R honestly only got through the first half, but the way she 'remembers' all the the parts we keep laughing about you would think she saw the whole movie.

Her favorite part (she also has 2):
1. She too loves the lime jello scene.  I think mostly because we keep talking about it she thinks she actually saw it.

2. When the dog pukes, here again she didn't see this part either, but what kid does not like throw up, I'm sure she sees it in her mind.

My favorite you ask- it's the cat in the box! Who can't help but laugh out loud when you see that box shake. Brings me to tears every time.

On deck for our next holiday movies- Christmas Story - who doesn't love the lady leg lamp!


  1. Ha! Love those recaps. Nathan and I watched the ABC Family version last weekend together after the kids were in bed and our son was too into a football game to watch it with us. We watched Elf together as a family though and Miss E is still talking about it. Love this tradition!

  2. This was hilarious! I can just see those kids talking about those parts!!! Oh...Christmas Story! Brenda Kwasniewski actually has the leg lamp proudly displayed in her bay window! When she received it from UPS, or whatever, and got it displayed, Duane ran outside, in his pjs I believe, and did the scene of, "It's a MAJOR AWARD"!!!! Totally hilarious if you know them two!

    Keep Posting.... LOVE it and I need a good laugh once in awhile!!!!