Monday, December 12, 2011

Sending A Thank You

I try not to let a day go by that I don't thank the Dear Lord for the many many blessing my family has. Maybe I'm at that point in my life that I reflect on those things more but I know especially this last year I have taken time to dwell on the positives and be thankful of all I have. One thing I started a few years ago was to say thank you to those who are serving in the military every chance I get.  Because I fly a lot I often see military personal in the airports. I have gone out of my way to walk up to a complete stranger to tell them and their families thank you for the freedom they are providing my family.  The response has been one of gratitude from them and always a smile. This summer when Teigen went with us on a trip I was so proud of him, as I said thank you to 3 men dressed in fatigues riding on a train with us, he looked at each of the men and said thank you too.

Our box all packed and ready to go
Today I sent a Christmas package to a dear friend who is in the military and stationed overseas. I turned My Cowboy loose in the grocery store this weekend to fill one of those flat rate boxes from the Post Office. He seems to enjoy buying random things and he did well with his purchases. When it came down to it we have 3 bags of candy, a handheld game, snacks, pens, puzzle book, beef jerky (of course), 2 containers of homemade cookies, 2 handwritten notes, and the latest BEEF magazine. The box was stuffed to the brim. Writing my note to Pat I thought about what a great friend he is to us and all the fun and adventures we have had. Sending this box was the least we could do to say Thank You.

So, Pat if you're reading this- the cookies with green frosting are from Marilyn (they are wonderful!!) the one's with sprinkles were made with love from the Hadrick women-keep that in mind because taste isn't really what we accomplished with this batch. We'll keep working on the recipe and send you more when we get them perfected.

For those of you who don't know someone in the military who will be away from their family this Christmas- find someone who knows someone and take the time to send thank you.

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