Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sand on My Shoes

It's no secret-My Cowboy & I travel. A big misconception is that we travel for enjoyment - it's work, although it is fun- it is still work.  I often have to tell people it may sound glamours that we are going to XXX (insert your glamourous place here) but in reality we often get on a plane fly to 'glamours place' get off plane- go to hotel-work (which we love)-go back to airport-go home.  We usually don't have time to do go sight seeing. But on our last run of the year we had a rare down day. Since we are following winter travel rules (someday I will share) we completed our work in Des Moines and headed to our next job in Corpus Christi. For a South Dakota girl it is very exciting to think about south Texas in the winter.  I couldn't bring myself to pack anything but my regular winter clothes-wool socks & sweaters. Needless to say I didn't need them in the 70+ degree weather. But to stay consistent I chose to wear them, so not to mess my internal climate clock up. It was a little awkward but I'm a girl of my convictions. 

pastedGraphic.pdfWe had a whole day to do what ever we wanted. We spent the morning catching up on work and had the rare interrupted adult conversation. But our afternoon was free-we are not beach people and although I packed my suit, we tend to pick museums over sitting on the beach. First stop: USS Lexington. This beautiful aircraft carrier has been turned into a museum and the all access walking tour for 3 hours was a real treat to experience. My Cowboy and I checked out everything -he reads all the stuff while I skim it.

As we left the ship I thought I should at least touch the sand & so I wondered onto the beach to snap a picture to share with the kids. You might think it's cruel to show them a picture, but we like to share with them living proof of water in it's liquid form this time of year.  
That night we ventured out to the IceRay Hockey game. I know nothing about hockey but do enjoy watching and this was truly the case of we went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.  Spirited young men gave it all that night and there was even a suspensive overtime period. 
We sure had a lot of fun in Texas.  I am very grateful for the opportunity for us to have the day to take time and enjoy our surroundings! By the way the Texas Farm Bureau meeting was wonderful too and we would love to come back and work with you guys any time.  Thanks for the opportunity to have a free day- I loved every minute of it.

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