Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas- What Stress...

Somehow I lost 10 days in my blogging schedule. Oh wait I know what happened- Christmas! Although I didn't think I was experiencing much stress this season, I guess I was in survival mode and things like keeping up with this project was not in the plan. Looking back over the past week and a half I'm actually quiet proud of all I accomplished.

Little Helpers
At the start of last week My Cowboy resumed our basement finishing project.  We have been working on a bedroom and bathroom in the basement for 6 months now and this is the week he decides to start again.  So, I do what any wife who wants her basement done I pitch in and help.  After our great friend Lowell helped us finish texturing the walls we were ready to paint. Ha Yoo! The bedroom is Miss O's and she had her heart set on yellow. So, Lighting Bug Yellow it is. I have to admit I think it looks amazing and she claims it is exactly what she "saw in her head". The bathroom is Texas Sage, me and My Cowboy love the color and are thinking of covering the white hospital walls upstairs with this shade. As you can see we had help from the kids- and I do believe that all of the yellow is out of Miss R's hair now. Teigen didn't mean to  rest the roller on her head- guess she was just the right hight.

I also did some baking for the Christmas meal that I hosted. The kids & I love to bake together. One thing that we always make is spritz cookies. I think the kids like it so much because they get to use a machine that makes the cookies.

I still use my mom's old Kitchen Aid mixer that I can remember at the age of 8 my dad and I buying her for Christmas.  That old mixer has whipped, kneaded and mixed more treats for 4 generations then I could even begin to count.  I'm getting to the point that I'm ready for it to wear out so I can get one of the cool colored ones.  That's how I got it, my mom got a new red one and I inherited the old one.
I also had all the other Christmas stuff to prepare for like tons of gift wrapping and a lot of house cleaning! Not to mention my paying jobs that I accomplished a lot on-very excited about this.
I'm happy the craziness of the Holiday's are over. But now I have only 12 days to prepare for the family trip to Disney World- our next big family adventure! Sure will take any advice on prep from those who have been.

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  1. I didn't know you guys were gonna get to Disney World! Very excited for you guys, and a bit jealous!!!!!!!!!! Have a fantabulous time!!!!!!