Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Found My Holiday Stress

I was cruising into my kitchen the other morning and looked up on the wall to see this. Yep it's the end of January and I've still got the Merry Christmas art work hanging. How did this happen?

I vividly remember thinking at Christmas time, why are all these people stressing about the holidays.  I had everything under control throughout the Holiday season.  I had all my gifts wrapped early, stayed in my buying budget, did my holiday baking, hosted Christmas dinner, and pulled off a rockin gift presentation for our family trip to Disney. Well the holiday stress caught up with me- it's just a month late.

What happened- I forgot to look ahead to January and the crazy month I had. I've had a full travel schedule and a lot of different projects going on. I felt horrible that I cancelled the Cloverbud meeting this month, letting down 20 pre 4-H kids just crushed me.  I simply could not pull it together and it was hard to make the call. Thank goodness that January is over! I've looked ahead to February and it's much better. So, I'm optimistic I can get the Christmas decorations down before Easter.

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