Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hadrick's Disney Favs

I know, I know it is way past time to share our Disney adventure with you- but as a busy mom sometimes I don't get to things right away.  I've been on the road a lot this month and just have not had time to get this done. The kids have been bagging me to get the update done,  they wanted me to share their favorites about Disney. We all had a great time and I would go back in a heart beat. 

Teigen threw caution to the wind and tried adventurous things at Disney that surprised us he would attempt.  Space Mountain was Teigens favorite ride hands down.  He tried the other roller costers but in the end Space Mountain has the right amount of thrill. We were proud when he chose to not go to the dark side as he participated in the Jedi Training. He was able to defend himself against Darth Vader and received his certificate of completion.  He also built his own light saber and now is also versed in that skill, this is a big deal in the life of a star wars fan. The other day I caught him checking out the Disney app on my phone.  He told me he was looking at the wait times, he just wants to be prepared for when we go back.

On a ride with Cousin Kayla

Miss O is a roller coster lovin girl- who knew! She went on all of them Expedition Everest, Rock 'n' Roller Coster and Space Mountain. Big smile on her face after each one. I'm not sure where this wild side comes from but it is something I will have to keep on eye on now that I've caught a glimpse. When I asked her what else she wanted to share she only wanted me to talk about the roller costers. I do have to tell you that one of my favorite membories of Miss O is her comment as we were getting done with the Small World ride. She looked at my Cowboy and said "it seems like a big world when you ride this ride."  Always the practical thinker.

Miss R embraced the true heart of Disney, which in turn melted mine. She loved every minute of everything. I have to start before we left telling her favorites. Miss R loves to wear dresses, I explained that in Florida she could wear her summer dresses but she refused to pack any. When I finally asked her why she explained she had her dress- she planned to wear her Rapunzel dress each day we were there. 
She wore her dress the day she became a princess. She went to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique wear her personal fairy godmother did her hair, makeup, and nails. She gasped with delight when her look was revealed. At that moment they created the princess she has always knew she was and my eyes filled with tears because she was so excited. She also loved the Aladdin Magic Carpet Ride. It was the right amount of excitement she was looking for. Miss R is still talking about the trip and the other day I heard her singing the tune from the Carousel of Progress. Disney may have changed her life. 

She really wanted me to share this picture with all of you
As for My Cowboy he came around to enjoying the Disney experience. He went on all the rides including Tower of Terror.  I even heard him use the words 'when we go back'. I appreciate all the coordination he did of our time in Disney and packing my favorite wine. 
For me- my fav- let's put it this way. I always pictured myself working at some gift shop in Yellowstone when I retired but I would consider spending my winters working at Disney...

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