Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's January 4th and I can't believe the weather in South Dakota! That's a statement I've said many times in January about our weather but I'm usually talking about how horribly cold it is or how much snow we have. This year I'm in shock because of how warm it has been. The past few days have got into the 50s! That is crazy for this time of year. It really confuses the kids since they are programed that it's winter and in winter you never leave the house without full winter gear. This consists of snow pants, snow boots, stocking hat and gloves. Although I have told the kids they dont need to carry these things with them. My kids are still packing all these things in their backpacks just in case a freak snowstorm hits while they are at school. I've trained them well.

Although I'm enjoying this weather, I'm nervous. As farmers we rely on Mother Nature to provide the moisture needed to grow crops. For us in the Dakota's a chunk of our yearly moisture comes in the form of snow. So when the snow doesn't come we start to get worried. Of course we don't say it out loud for fear that someone else may be thinking the same thing. No, farmers like to pretend that if no one else talks about it then it's not really happening. And what I'm talking about is the D word. D word? Drought. Now for those of you keeping track at home- we did have abundant moisture last year but this fall we dried up. But I'm optomistic Mother Nature will provide. We did get some fog last month so in March we could receive mositure- just in time for calving. That will keep My Cowboy out of trouble.

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