Sunday, January 15, 2012

High Expectations

Two things most know about me is that I have high expectations and I appreciate good service. Going into our trip to Disney World I was looking for both of these things to be met. I also have to tell you the I'm not a Disney fanatic- sure I was excited to have this experience with my family but I actually could take or leave Micky Mouse.  I have to admit at first my socks were not knocked off, and I started to question the Disney experience.  As our trip went on I started to understand what people rave about with Disney. What it comes down to- they know how to entertain people and provide great service.  

Look close these are Minnie Ears
On our second day I had a question about PhotoPass option and I walked up to a random cast member to ask, figuring that I would get redirected to a place that I could get a answer. No, they knew the answer and I found that time and time again that each of the cast members know not just their job but can answer questions about all related to Disney.

By day 4 I started to pay attention to the cast members and how the reacted to each person, there was always a smile and they seemed to really want to know your concern/question and would do anything to fix it.  We had purchased a pin the day before for Miss O that broke and we went back to a different store to see if we could get a replacement. The cast member offered Miss O a pin off her personal collection.  Miss O really had her heart set on replacing her baby Daffy pen and when the lady saw her face she quickly went to the rack and got her a new pin. 

The food was great and the food service cast members where very helpful. Our first night we dined at the Teppan Edo in Epcot.  The food was great and the presentation was better.  My family was entertained and had a quality meal. That set the tone for the rest of the week, Miss R carried the chopsticks fashioned for her the rest of the week. We ate so much My Cowboy says that I almost killed us with too much eating. Disney does not want you to go away hungry when you use their dining plans. 

Disney sure has something for everyone and I was amazed at their entertainment levels. We had 10 people with us that included my mom and Aunt K, Uncle B, Cousins K & C we all had a great time riding the rides,  watching the parades and shows and meeting the characters.  The Kali River ride is an example of just one of many rides we did as a family.  I had not laughed that much in a long time!
The family right after the Kali River Ride- We are WET
All in all my expectations were met with flying colors. Every part of the trip I saw how Disney was working to make my families experience the most it could be. Even My Cowboy had a good time!

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